AI Automation

Namora AI

Namora is an AI-powered assistant designed specifically for sales representatives, SDRs (Sales Development Representatives), and AEs (Account Executives). It is powered by GPT-4 technology, which helps to supercharge prospecting, research, and messaging, ultimately leading to more closed deals. With Namora, sales teams can request early access to the platform and watch a demo video to see how it works. Namora offers various features to enhance sales productivity. It automates tasks across the workflow, saving reps approximately 3 hours every day. The platform also integrates with existing CRM tools, allowing it to quickly gain context and provide intelligent prompts for closing deals. Additionally, Namora provides research capabilities, ensuring that sales reps have all the necessary information before client meetings. In conclusion, Namora aims to be a comprehensive sales execution platform, replacing the need for multiple tools. Its AI-powered assistance and automation capabilities can greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of sales teams.