AI Data Collection


Tactic is a platform that helps businesses grow their revenue more efficiently by providing better target accounts and automated go-to-market data. With Tactic, teams can automate audience, prospect, and customer research across various platforms like Google, LinkedIn, job posts, and annual reports. This allows them to deliver higher fit target accounts, a wider range of intent triggers, and deeper insights, ultimately closing more deals with fewer people. The platform also allows users to customize their data, capturing granular account and prospect attributes to better target sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. Tactic has been trusted by hypergrowth startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Customers have reported significant improvements in pipeline efficiency, deal size, and time saved per sales representative. Users appreciate the ability to track the right metrics across their target market, personalize interactions, and apply learnings faster. The platform is secure, with SSL encryption, database encryption at rest, and independent security audits. It also offers SAML single sign-on for easy and secure employee access management.