AI Customer Service


Teamsync Software Inc. is an AI augmented Tech Support company that offers a product called Twig. Twig is a co-pilot for Tech Support agents, helping them answer complex customer questions and reducing costs by 30%. The AI models are trained on publicly available data to provide accurate and helpful responses to customer inquiries. CX leaders have praised Twig for its ability to increase productivity, reduce variance in support quality, and reduce the number of support questions that reach support agents. With Twig, users can type their questions and receive the correct article as an answer or have it answered directly. The AI layer works on top of existing customer support applications, making support agents respond quickly with better responses. Twig also offers features like automated daily data refreshes, sentiment analytics, and PII anonymization. Teamsync Software Inc. uses the latest AI technology to make every support agent a superstar. By scanning through documentation, knowledge bases, support tickets, and other sources, Twig provides recommended responses to support agents. Citations are provided to ensure the accuracy of the responses and increase trust. The AI also learns from support agents' feedback, continually improving itself. The technology offered by Teamsync Software Inc. aims to improve agent productivity, set higher standards for response quality, and help agents identify potential risks in their responses. Twigs data pipelines integrate with popular documentation and knowledge base products, and the platform understands the visual semantics of data sources. The company also emphasizes privacy and anonymization, ensuring that any personally identifiable information (PII) is removed from the data. Overall, Teamsync Software Inc. provides powerful tools for support agents to enhance the quality of customer engagement.