AI Email Deliverability


Warmbox is a warm-up tool designed to help improve your email deliverability and increase your inbox reputation. With Warmbox, you can ensure that your emails are reaching your leads' inboxes and not landing in their spam folders. This tool is trusted by over 2,000 companies and can be used with any email service provider. Why is email warm-up important? Currently, 51% of emails sent end up in spam folders. Without proper warm-up, your cold email campaigns for sales or marketing purposes can be risky, as they may damage your sender reputation and affect your email deliverability. Warmbox solves this problem by automatically sending realistic emails from your inbox and interacting with them as real leads would, raising your email sending reputation. With a network of over 35,000 private inboxes and detailed reports, you can monitor the positive results and enjoy increased deliverability, reaching more leads and generating more sales.